Whatever faith we belong to, wherever we live, we are one people. We have the same needs: to be safe, to be happy, and to secure the future for the next generation. Bridges Faith Initiative (BFI) works together with both faith and lay leaders to amplify progressive voices enabling the protection of immigrant rights, ending mass atrocities, and ensuring civilian security worldwide.


The voices of immigrants, refugees, and all those affected by war and mass attrocites.


Faith leaders and lay leaders on the issues of immigration, foreign policy, and national security.


Effective civic action across our diverse coalitions of over 7,000 to catalyze change.


We are a U.S based interfaith organization that works to inform and inspire a community of diverse beliefs to action. We work on issues of domestic and foreign policy. The organization, which is based in Washington D.C., has constituencies in the South-Central, West, and East Coast of the U.S. Our focus areas are, protecting the rights of immigrants, ending mass atrocities, and ensuring civilian security around the world. We bring together committed voices from the U.S. and around the world to Washington D.C., to educate and enlighten our policymakers, provide programs to support the integration of refugees in the U.S., promote civilian security, and end mass atrocities in Burma and Sri Lanka. We are non-partisan in our approach and seek a world of peace, human rights, and democracy as we build relationships across political divides to move U.S. government policies forward.

Bridges Faith Initiative Condemns Biden Plans to Reintroduce Family Detention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 8, 2023 Contact: policy@bridgesfi.org The New York Times reported that the Biden Administration plans to reintroduce family detention. President Biden was phasing out the practice that had been ramped up by the Trump administration.  Bridges Faith Initiative is greatly disappointed by this news and condemns any decision that does not welcome with care and dignity. The…

Bridges Faith Initiative Decries Biden’s Proposed Asylum Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 22, 2023 Contact: policy@bridgesfi.org The Biden administration yesterday proposed a rule that would illegally ban many refugees from seeking asylum in the United States due to their transit through “unsafe” countries and the way in which they enter the U.S. Bridges Faith Initiative condemned the decision and urged the administration against promulgating these new provisions as…

Bridges Faith Initiative Celebrates Rejection of Anti-Immigration Amendments in Senate Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Bridges Faith Initiative celebrates the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 in the Senate. This historic legislation represents a step toward addressing climate change and skyrocketing healthcare costs. More importantly, we celebrate the work of advocates and the immigrant community that ensured that the 50 senators rejected any  anti-immigrant amendments that attempted to codify Title…

This Is Our Story.

At this time of immense uncertainty: strife within our borders and war in the world, we at Bridges Faith Initiative have found solace in our work. We set up Bridges Faith Initiative to create bridges between people that would eventually overcome hate. In the last two years we have had small victories — more understanding in religious communities in the…