We are an interfaith organization that works to inform and inspire a constituency of diverse faiths in the United States to action. We work on issues of domestic and foreign policy. The organization, which is based in Washington D.C, has faith constituencies in the South-Central, West and East Coast of the U.S. Our focus areas are civilian security, ending mass atrocities and protecting and integrating refugees and immigrants. We bring faith voices from the U.S. and around the world to Washington D.C. to educate and enlighten our policy makers, have programs to support the integration of refugees in the U.S., promote civilian security and end mass atrocities in Burma and Sri Lanka.   We are non-partisan in our approach and seek a world of peace, human rights and democracy as we build relationships across political divides to move U.S. government policies forward. Our faiths teach us that we are one people in an interconnected world.

Our focus areas are protecting the rights of immigrants, ending mass atrocities, and ensuring civilian security around the world. We are non-partisan in our approach and seek a world of peace, human rights and democracy.  Download our BFI Factsheet.

Our mission

Amplify: The voices of immigrants, refugees, and all those affected by war and mass atrocities.

Educate: Faith and lay leaders on the issues of immigration, foreign policy, and national security.

Organize: Coordinate effective civic action across our diverse coalition of 7,000+ to catalyze change.