“Never Again” Means Never Again

Our religions teach us that people have value and are entitled to lives of dignity and community.

Bridges Faith Initiative (BFI) seeks to end the horror of mass atrocities and prevent systematic violence that devalues human life.  BFI seeks practical, peaceful solutions to prevent, stop, and heal after intercommunal violence.   

We are on the ground in two countries working with people who have experienced the trauma of mass atrocities firsthand.  BFI’s programs promote justice and reconciliation within communities, which help to reduce the risk of atrocity recurrence.  We know that healing is an active, long-term process that requires rebuilding trust and creating mechanisms to address grievances within an equitable legal framework. 

Sadly, many crimes against humanity barely make the news before it is too late, and the danger to persecuted groups does not abet even in the midst of a global pandemic.  BFI calls attention to those who are at-risk of becoming victims of widespread violence.  We advocate for policies that increase safety, defuse tensions, and marshal humanitarian resources to meet the challenge at hand.  Because such crimes too often involve a religious or ethnic dimension, BFI, as a diverse interfaith coalition spanning many divides, can offer unique value.

We recognize that ending mass atrocities is a big goal that we cannot achieve alone.  We partner with like-minded organizations to raise awareness, exchange best practices, and conduct prevention and reconciliation programming.